Honda XR250 Fork Compatibility

Posted By Weston Ganger

I needed to replace the forks on my 1988 XR250 but was having a hard time sourcing the forks. So I started looking for other compatible options. It was difficult for me to figure out this information. So I will leave this here for the world.

<u>For reference on the changes in fork years</u>, according to a forum post
3 versions of 84+ XR250R forks:

  • 84-85 have 38mm stanchion tubes
  • All 86-04 have 41mm tubes
  • 96-04 have early version of cartridge forks and have clicker adjusters. ```

<u>For reference on compatbility of 86+ forks</u>, according to a forum post
I put 03 xr 250 forks on a 87 xr 250. It all bolted up with no mods. Used the 87 wheel brakes,clamps,axle.

Article Topic:Automotive

Date:July 09, 2020