Install LibV8 Without Using System V8 Using Bundler

Posted By Weston Ganger

I have had issues trying to bundle install on an application that used therubyracer or libv8 when a system V8 is installed(such as nodejs)

To install the bundle without using the system V8 use the following command line flag

bundle config build.libv8 --without-system-v8

#or maybe you want to use the system-v8
bundle config build.libv8 --with-system-v8

In all honesty though your best off removing your applications dependency on therubyracer and/or libv8 and just installing nodejs(If you haven’t already) on your system. Its just a pain.

If you ran this –without command and then removed the dependency and want to bundle install not using that flag just delete your .bundle folder in your app

rm -rf .bundle

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Article Topic:Software Development - Rails

Date:September 25, 2015