Toyota 22RE Transmission Mount Clarifications

Posted By Weston Ganger

This post is to clarify which transmission mounts match each generation of the Toyota 22RE engine.

These mounts attach to the T-Case, not the transmission, so transmission type doesn't matter.

1983-1988 Gear Driven T-Case with 22R / 22RE

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1989-1995 Gear Driven T-Case with 22RE (Pickup Truck only)

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1989-1995 Chain Driven T-Case with 22RE (4Runner only) AND All 3.0L V6 Pickups/4Runners

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I had a really bad experience getting a new transmission mount for my 2nd gen 1990 4runner 22RE with the Chain Drive Transfer Case.

Literally every single website recommends the wrong mount for 22RE and Chain Driven T-Case combinations. The solution is to just buy the transmission mount for the 3.0L V6, you'll thank me later.

Article Topic:Automotive

Date:November 18, 2020