Grouping Factories Together To API Service In AngularJS

Posted By Weston Ganger

I found that I was writing a lot of boilerplate code and repeating myself making a new factory for each model I wanted to access. It was also bloating the dependencies on my controllers.

Here I describe how to create an API service that covers all of your data factories

myApp.factory('Api', ['$resource',
 function($resource) {
  return {
    Posts: $resource('/posts/:id', {id: '@id'}),
    Users:  $resource('/users/:id', {id: '@id'}),
    Categories:  $resource('/categories/:id', {id: '@id'})

Now you can use it in your controllers like so:

myApp.controller("myCtrl", function($scope, Api){
  $scope.user = Api.Users.get({id: 1});
  $scope.posts = Api.Posts.query();

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Article Topic:Software Development - Angular

Date:July 11, 2015